Brett Warniers — Skinny Dip Falls
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Skinny Dip Falls


Image of Skinny Dip Falls
  • Image of Skinny Dip Falls
  • Image of Skinny Dip Falls
  • Image of Skinny Dip Falls

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Based on the waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway! This artwork depicts a good friend of mine, absorbing the magical essence of this mountaintop cascade! The creatures of the mountain streams frolic amidst the misty cascade, as the sun beams down through the canopy and graces the forest floor.

This artwork is inspired by magical adventures through the Appalachian mountains, the mystical languages of nature radiating through the vibrant flora and fauna. The ancient wisdom of the stones telling stories of times long before humans made their way here.

My intention is to show how sacred these places are. For us, but more importantly, for the wildlife that inhabits these majestic mountains.

10% of all canvas print sales are donated to the Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina, who are doing amazing work removing trash, and sharing knowledge of how to best protect these locations. They are truly stewards of the lands, keeping them pristine so we may continue to explore, venture into the wilderness, hiking right into flow state and never worrying about the sight of garbage ruining our trip.

You can learn more about the Waterfall Keepers of NC here: