Brett Warniers — Strawberry Moon [Print, Tapestry, LE13 Canvas]
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Strawberry Moon [Print, Tapestry, LE13 Canvas]


Image of Strawberry Moon [Print, Tapestry, LE13 Canvas]
  • Image of Strawberry Moon [Print, Tapestry, LE13 Canvas]
  • Image of Strawberry Moon [Print, Tapestry, LE13 Canvas]

The full moon of the summer solstice - a magical event known on Earth as the Strawberry Moon, the warm nights are short, and the mountainsides bloom. This time is a call for adventure, all beings of the forest and the cities alike thrive in the short, warm nights. A bright, berry-color moon appears over the horizon, offering it's potent energy upon the sprawling metropolis down in the valley. This retro-future cartoon world represents late-night adventures with new friends, and ancient ancestors. Ivestor and her cat Starbean gaze at the stunning view across the misty night vista, capturing every magical moment of this incredible cosmic position. These summers are the time for memories, the quest for experiences that echo down our timeline, inspiring us again and again.

This artwork is available as epic 60" inch long tapestries to transport you into the most magical moments of the moon.

Limited Edition of 13 Canvasses - each one 40" by 24" inches, arriving securely in a unique, exclusive Strawberry Moonshine blanket! This special throw blanket is only for collectors of this cosmic mountaintop portal. The limited editions of these prints ensure that each one is unique, receives the attention this large artifact deserves, and is blasted off safely, delivering a world of magic and comfort to astral explorers.

Vibrant metallic prints will open a gateway of delicious summer moon energy. Metallic paper holds the fine tuning of digital art in an almost ethereal way, with the brights seeming to levitate right off the paper, and the darks stretching deep into the infinite. Prints are all signed, and ship with a free postcard and sticker.


YouTube video for the animation coming soon!